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VIRKISTERI - Experts of wellbeing, ergonomics, and recovery in the hybrid world

Virkisteri is committed to happier and more productive workdays. We have the tools to nudge you and your colleagues towards choices that promote energy and wellbeing. We operate in major cities in Finland – and of course online.

Cognitive and physical ergonomics

Ensure a smooth work day for the brain and body!

Ergonomics, or the adaptation of technology and activities to suit human needs, is a vital element for both brain and body health. Knowledge work is typically cognitively exhaustive and physically too passive. We know how to diminish both of these challenges with small changes and smart hacks.

Our Better Ergonomics service packs include workshops and ergonomy checks – live or via webinars. There is surprisingly much you can do to fix your home ”office” or no name work stations!

Take an Active Break!

Your BRAIN needs a break, too

Did you know that our cognitive performance is most efficient when we move? This is because biologically, we are still hunter-gathererers. And they would only sit down to rest – not to crunch numbers on Excel for hours on end!

In addition to the brain, our metabolism, muscles, fascia and joints also need frequent breaks from inactivity. The most efficient way to get this done is to schedule it. Virkisteri offers 10-20 minute-long Active Breaks and Recovery Breaks live at the office or via Teams. These concepts are designed by an occupational therapist and mindfulness professional.

Employee exercise services

Neck-and-shoulder workouts, cardio, strength, yoga, mindfulness...

Virkisteri has been moving employees since 2007. We offer a vast variety of classes online or at your premises. Tailor-made for you and your staff’s needs! Classes are always taught by experienced professionals in Finnish or English (or mixing both languages, if that’s what suits you best).

Everyone deserves some Virkisteri in their workday!
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